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Introducing ENVIROCLEAR® Refillable Water Bottles


Introducing ENVIROCLEAR® Refillable Water Bottles

Container Corporation of Canada (CCC), a world leader in polypropylene (PP) injection stretch blow moulding bottle technology, is proud to introduce the ENVIROCLEAR® refillable water bottle, the first clear, dishwasher safe, refillable, reusable, cost effective bottle designed to reduce the number of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles going to the landfill, and to drastically lower the cost of bottled drinking water to consumers.

The ENVIROCLEAR® refillable plastic bottle is a great example of applying "reuse" as a sustainable environmental strategy, as it can be sanitized in the dishwasher and refilled. Reusing existing PET water bottles would seem to be a viable alternative, however, PET bottles will often deform when subjected to the high temperatures in a dishwasher.

The ENVIROCLEAR® refillable plastic bottle is completely safe for use in baby bottles, eliminating the threat of Bisphenol-A (BPA), which can cause hormonal and neurological changes in small bodies and is present in polycarbonate plastic. Furthermore, a recent study of increased toxic antimony concentrations in 132 brands of bottled water from 28 countries by Dr. William Shotyk, the Canadian Director of the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry at the University Heidelberg, showed that in PET bottles, the level of antimony rose the longer the water stayed in the bottle. Dr. Shotyk included in his study a sampling of PP bottles produced by CCC, and concluded that the water stored in PP bottles showed no increase in antimony concentrations compared to the other waters investigated in PET bottles.

ENVIROCLEAR® refillable water bottles are available in convenient 250 mL and 500 mL sizes. The handy 250 mL bottle has a four sided shape, can lie flat without rolling and is ideal for school lunch boxes, purses, briefcases and wherever weight might be a consideration. The larger 500 mL bottle is perfect for the gym, at the office, in the car or on the golf course.

ENVIROCLEAR® refillable bottles can be filled with tap water or filtered tap water for those who prefer filtered water. Parents will enjoy the convenience of sending their youngsters off to school or play, with tap water or diluted fruit juices filled from larger, more economical juice containers from home. For consumers accustomed to quenching their thirst and staying hydrated by carrying water instead of searching in vain for public water fountains which are becoming harder and harder to find, the ENVIROCLEAR® refillable bottle is the clear choice.

ENVIROCLEAR® refillable bottles are not wasteful and harmful to the environment. They can be sanitized and reused countless times, and can be recycled in many industrial and commercial applications. ENVIROCLEAR®--a lightweight, reusable, handy alternative to single-use PET water bottles--good for the pocketbook and the environment.