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Packaging Since 1977

Founded in 1977, Container Corporation of Canada is an award winning, world leader in the manufacturing of innovative corrugated and plastic packaging with an emphasis on environmental preservation and responsibility. Since its inception, Container Corporation has been guided by a combination of research, expertise, and instinct, born out of years of listening carefully to their customers’ dynamic needs.

Corrugated Division

Our Corrugated Division

​ The corrugated division manufactures a wide variety of recyclable containers. Over the years, that product line has expanded to include products such as Enviroskid®, a corrugated pallet that weighs 19 pounds and can support 9000 pounds. Dozens of other recyclable products also roll off the manufacturing lines each and every day.

Plastics Division

Our Plastics Division

​ The plastics division manufactures a wide variety of plastic packaging products, equipment, and oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier technologies. Container Corporation takes particular pride in its latest innovation, the Enviroclear Smartbottle®, a refillable, sterilizable, clear bottle that can be put in a dishwasher and re-used over hundreds of times. Each 500 ML bottle replaces approximately 15 pounds of PET single use throwaway bottles from landfills and helps to reduce PET bottles from our oceans and waterways.

Container Corporation’s commitment to building a cleaner, more eco-friendly world is further evident in its uniquely designed 28 acre Nature Sanctuary that is situated in the center of its three building campus, available for the public to enjoy all year round.

Our Plant

Take a tour to see what goes on in our plant and discover the processes that ensure our high-quality production. Witness the advanced machinery and sophisticated technologies that help us make our products. With automated processes and advanced robotic manufacturing on display, you’ll get an in-depth look at how we optimize production on a daily basis.

Our leaders in quality control ensure that all products produced meet the most rigorous standards for our customers.

We have found that the best way to leverage change is to try and anticipate it.

- Mr. G

Recognitions and Awards

Container Corporation of Canada has been recognized by various government bodies for our philanthropic contributions to the community.

Container Corporation of Canada - Mayor Award
Richmond Hill Board Of Trade

2020 Richmond Hill Board Of Trade Business Achievement Awards

Container Corporation of Canada has been widely recognized having received the Mayor’s Highest Business Achievement Award from the City of Richmond Hill for Innovation and Environmental Preservation.

A Message from Daisy Wai

A Message from Daisy Wai, MPP

As the member of Provincial Parliament for Richmond Hill and on behalf of Premier Doug Ford, I would like to express my immense gratitude for and recognize the philantropic contributions of Norman and Jason Gottlieb, and the Container Corporation of Canada team at this time.

Your manufacturing facilities are a marquee example of the 'Ontario Spirit', and have gone above and beyond the call to action that all Ontarians assist one another as best as we can in order to get through this time together.

The Container Corporation of Canada team has been working around the clock to deploy medical products and equipment that can further aid hospitals and industry partners in combatting the spread of Covid19, and their ongoing efforts warrant recognition. The fact that you as a company took it upon yourselves to prioritize the people of Ontario at this time is truly inspiring, and the embodiment of what so many think of what it means to be 'Canadian.'

Thank you to the management, workers, suppliers and all else that made this community effort a reality. Most importantly, thank you for your contributions to our community and for helping to make Ontario a much better place to live.

Solar Panel System Conserving Energy
Solar Panel System Conserving Energy

Solar Panel System Conserving Energy

" Thank you for being a conscientious energy user and for your enrollment in the demand response program. "