Easy to See

Each unit is pre-printed with key mandatory markings for domestic and international destinations. As a further option, we can print your company logo or your corporate environmental message on two sides. Available with an optional yellow and black cautionary band which is printed on both sides of each unit. This is ideal for loading dark trailers or low light warehouses.


Rough & Tough



Can be custom-designed to carry loads of any variety from 'bulk', 'barrels' and 'boxes' to bags with a minimum load of 50 lbs. to 9,000 lbs.



Comes complete with a triple built-in full length runner system to achieve maximum strength and portability - no more broken runners.



Each unit, unlike wooden pallets, does not require a single tree to be cut from our forests. Each enviroskid unit is produced from a wide range of high yield recycled waste papers and when further recycled, can be sold in bailed form to your local waste paper dealer to be fabricated into new corrugated products or ENVIROSKIDS.

Light & Easy



A 48 x 40 durable grade unit weighs only 20 lbs., compared to wood which weighs more than 60 lbs. This weight reduction permits remarkable savings on freight costs alone.



Can be used over and over again and as an option can be purchased with a built-in trip recorder system for easy tracking.



Available with an optional 4-way wide throat entry system and for stretch wrap applications, as a convenient self-locking device is built into each unit.

Sizes & Strengths



Can be tailored to suit your specific shipping and handling requirements. Full size samples are available for pre-testing from one of our design centers. No dimension or material combination is too small or too large for this unique design.


A Package

Can be designed to form a part of a single shipping unit. You can significantly reduce your overall corrugated purchasing costs, reduce your inventories and most importantly, help to promote a better environment.



Same day service from our strategic warehouse locations. The pre-approved stock sizes in inventory are available for immediate pick-up or can form part of your total purchasing program for corrugated products. Our just-in-time inventory system eliminates the need for outside storage.

Safe & Sure



Smooth on all sides. The deck plate and runners have a unique butt joint, therefore no nails or jagged boards are jutting out, which may cause unnecessary trailer damage. With no screws, nails, or dangerous slivers, accidents and time lost will be virtually eliminated.


Clean & Dry

Manufactured year round in a clean humidity controlled indoor environment and is totally free from sticky sap, wetness, insect eggs, mites, mold or objectionable odours. It is ideal for hygenic for food transportation.



Manufactured using the latest automatic paper converting and gluing equipment to guarantee constant uniformity and quality control.



Extensively tested under high humidity conditions for the shipment of frozen foods, in and out of coolers and freezers.



Designed for all types of mechanical lifting equipment as well as automated roller conveyor systems or metal racks.


Tried & Tested

Large international automotive, food, resin and other corporate customers are converting to this exciting new system of shipping and of handling their products.