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We provide the following plastic packaging products and equipment:

  • Plastic bottles – Container Corporation of Canada manufactures HDPE, LDPE,
    polypropylene, PET, and OPP Enviroclear® bottles and has a numerous variety of
    stock blow moulds for many of your unique and different applications.
  • Enviroclear® preforms for ISBM.
  • Prototyping of small quantities of bottles for concept testing.
  • ISBM Enviroclear® machinery for PET and Enviroclear® OPP bottles.
  • Oxygen barrier chemistry for long shelf life for food and oxygen sensitive products.
  • Injection and blow moulds for ISBM and extruded bottles.
  • Envirotainer® – this uniquely environmentally conscientious product made of low density polyethylene is a heavy duty plastic bladder moulded with capacity from 1 U.S. Gallon to 5 Imperial Gallons and is used for shipping any liquid product from battery acid to sanitary medical fluids.

All supply programs in both the paper and plastic divisions can be tailored to Just In Time service programs for precision service and diminished floor space. Our two plants with 220,000 square feet and 32’ high ceilings support reliable Just In Time planning and inventory control systems.

In our changing world, predicting the future has never been a simple task. At Container
Corporation of Canada, we have found that the best way to leverage change is to try and
anticipate it. And so, by
Packaging for the Future, we at Container Corporation of
Canada are dedicated to focusing our mission on seizing the opportunities and
meeting the challenges of our customers’ ever changing needs with an
environmentally conscientious and long term commitment.


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