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Envirotainer - Enviromentally Friendly Packaging

July 9th, 2007

Welcome to Container Corp your source for recyclable packaging including the Envirotainer. Due to our revolutionary process, we have come up with environmentally friendly packaging that can be used for a variety of different needs. One such solution that we have come up with is the Envirotainer.

This liquid container is made up of low density polyethylene plastic to insure the quality of your goods in transport. This design has met the DOT, UN and the FDA guidelines and requirements. Also, this container can use pre-existing filling equipment, so that you don’t have to buy new equipment. Moreover, the Envirotainer has been used in both the Food and Drug industry.

This container also comes in a wide variety of sizes to meet your product’s volume and weight. Furthermore, it has been designed with the environment in mind, so it can also be a major selling point for your customers. Now with the worsening conditions on this planet in regards to the state of the ecosystem, you can now make the difference with the purchase of the Envirotainer to transport your liquid products. It can do everything that other containers can do yet it is much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, it is also an approved shipping container of the United Parcel Service.

Our container is versatile and very cost effective. Also, it can be folded up in a more compact configuration, which will give you a space savings ratio of 8:1. We even offer a corrugated fiberboard over pack for use in conjunction with the Envirotainer insert. So this product is even better because corrugated is the one of most easily recyclable material on the planet. Now you can save more money by recycling, because waste disposal fees are going up. With this durable material you can rest assured that your product will reach your client in perfect condition. So, you never have to worry about spillage worries again.

So if you want a container that can face all of what’s out there and you want to think about the environment then get the Envirotainer from Container Corp Canada.


March 23rd, 2007

Environmentally Safe
ENVIROLOCK is a water-based palletizing adhesive, so it’s non-toxic and contains no heavy metals or dioxins. And because it’s water-based, ENVIROLOCK is easy to clean up

ENVIROLOCK is safe to handle and use, and there’s nothing to dispose of when the loads are unstacked. Residual ENVIROLOCK on the containers is fully repulpable.

Superior to Stretch Film and Banding
ENVIROLOCK unitizes individual components of a pallet load, so the removal of one item does not require depalletizing the entire load. The rest of the load remains fully unitized.

Palletizing with ENVIROLOCK requires far less floor space than either banding or stretch wrapping.

Economical and Easy To Use
ENVIROLOCK can save you up to 50% compared to banding sand stretch wrapping!
ENVIROLOCK is easily applied by either manual or automatic dispensing equipment. There’s no fiber tear when items are depalletized.
ENVIROLOCK dries clear without leaving a tacky or gummy residue.


ENVIROLOCK’s high shear strength prevents side-to-side movement of packages during shipment. Yet it’s low tensile strength allows these same loads to be easily and quickly disassembled by lifting the packages vertically.

Important Advantages of Envirolock Water-Based Palletizing Adhesive
Recyclable water-based product
Eliminates plastic film disposal problems
Can be used on virtually any paper surface
Depalletize without fiber tear
Clean, clear-drying & invisible
Allows partial depalletizing
Graphics remain fully visible
Effective & easy to use
Formulated for optimum effectiveness when used with EVIROSKID pallets


March 23rd, 2007

Rough & Tough


Each unit of enviroskid is constructed from recyclable paper formed in a unique patent pending interlocking design. This enviroskid process totally eliminates wide gaps, warped slats and uneven deck surfaces. Each skid can carry loads of up to 9,000 pounds static and as a further option, you can select a high performance “add-on” deck plate for that extra tough application.


Each enviroskid unit comes complete with a triple built-in full length runner system to achieve maximum strength and portability - no more broken runners.


Each enviroskid unit is produced from a wide range of high yield recycled waste papers and when further recycled, can be sold in bailed form to your local waste paper dealer to be fabricated into new corrugated products or ENVIROSKIDS.

Light & Easy

Each enviroskid unit of a 48 x 40 durable grade unit weighs only 20 lbs., compared to wood which weighs more than 60 lbs. This weight reduction permits remarkable savings on freight costs alone.


Each enviroskid unit is available with an optional yellow and black cautionary band which is printed on both sides of each unit. This is ideal for loading dark trailers or low light warehouses. Each unit is pre-printed with key mandatory markings for domestic and international destinations. As a further option, we can print your company logo or your corporate environmental message on two sides.

Sizes & Strengths


Each unit can be tailored to suit your specific shipping and handling requirements. Full size samples are available for pre-testing from one of our design centers. No dimension or material combination is too small or too large for this unique design.

Each unit can designed to form a part of a single shipping unit. Through this creative engineering application, you can significantly reduce your overall corrugated purchasing costs, reduce your inventories, and at the same time, help to promote a better environment. From “non-skid” applications to “ENVIROLOCK” let us reduce your costs and improve your shipping and handling.


Each unit, when compared to wood, is very cost competitive. To calculate your total potential savings, consult our Technical Services Bulletin #48.


Each unit is readily available from our large inventory located at strategic warehousing locations in order to provide same day service. The pre-approved stock sizes in inventory are available for immediate pick-up or as an added convenience, can form part of your total purchasing program for corrugated products. Using our just-in-time inventory system, we eliminate the need for outside storage. If necessary, units can be palletized, wrapped and stored clean and dry outside.
Safe & Sure


Each unit is smooth on all sides. The deck plate and runners have a unique butt joint, therefore no nails or jagged boards are jutting out, which may cause unnecessary trailer damage. With no screws, nails, or dangerous slivers, accidents and time lost will be virtually eliminated. Your employees and their safety committees will welcome the change.


Each unit, unlike wooden pallets, does not require a single tree to be cut from our forests.


Each unit is manufactured year round in a clean humidity controlled indoor environment and is totally free from sticky sap, wetness, insect eggs, mites, mold or objectionable odours. It is ideal for hygenic for food transportation. Where was your old wooden pallet before you received it?

Each unit is manufactured using the latest automatic paper converting and gluing equipment to guarantee constant uniformity and quality control.


Each unit has been extensively tested under high humidity conditions for the shipment of frozen foods, in and out of coolers and freezers.


Each unit is designed for all types of mechanical lifting equipment as well as automated roller conveyor systems or metal racks.

Large international automotive, food, resin and other corporate customers are converting to this exciting new system of shipping and of handling their products.

Please consult our technical service staff to assist you in developing your own unique and comprehensive new program. Remember . . . ENVIROSKID.


March 23rd, 2007

3-D Packaging Design Concepts, our packaging engineers do design concepts in3D to show the custom packs will work.
CAD drawings.
Design prototypes.

Pre assembled packs.
Packs shipped setup or knocked down.
Small and large production quantities.

Reduced inventories
Packs shipped in exact quantities.

Environmentally friendly and made with recycled paper.

Corrugated Packaging

March 23rd, 2007

Container Corporation of Canada’s talented design professionals use the latest in CAD technology to create their corrugated containers. Let them show you how these corrugated containers can provide the ultimate packaging solutions for you.

Container Corporation of Canada is able to supply all of your requirements for corrugated containers - including sheets to boxes and from partitions to displays. We can supply all your volume requirements for corrugated containers as well, with delivery on a “just in time” schedule.

Container Corporation of Canada’s combination for corrugated containers - using the latest in equipment, hi-tech design facilities, and the experience of our staff will provide for you all of these benefits:
Corrugated containers packaging designed to meet your requirements
Top Quality corrugated container Products
Accurate Delivery Dates
Quick Turnaround
designs for corrugated containers that are both Cost Effective and Innovative.

Container Corporation of Canada makes you job easier for you with innovation and technology when it comes to your needs for corrugated containers.

Container Corporation of Canada can supply all of your needs for corrugated containers, here are just a few examples:
Boxes and Corrugated containers of all styles
Single Wall corrugated containers - with board strengths from 125 lb. to 275 lb.
Double Wall corrugated containers - with board strengths from 200 lb. to 500 lb.
Triple Wall corrugated containers - variety of grades - 700 - 900 - 1100 - 1300 - 1500
Corrugated container partitions
Speciality Die-Cuts
Corrugated Pads
Corrugated container corner Protectors


March 23rd, 2007

A clarified random co-polymer plastic bottle as clear as PET.

Advantages of Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® Compared to PET

SOURCE REDUCTION - ENVIROCLEAR® has a lower density than PET (0.9 versus approximately 1.35 g/cc) so less material is used per part.

COST REDUCTION - By virtue of it’s lower density and lower cost, ENVIROCLEAR® parts are typically less expensive.

HOT FILLABILITY - ENVIROCLEAR® has much better temperature resistance than PET, ENVIROCLEAR® can be hot filled at temperatures up to 212°F (100°C), making it the material of choice for products such as syrups, juices and peanut butter.

MOISTURE BARRIER - ENVIROCLEAR® gives five times the protection from moisture as PET, so ENVIROCLEAR® is an ideal material for food and drug packaging.

AESTHETICS - Injection stretch blow moulded bottles made from clarified ENVIROCLEAR® have clarity and gloss superior to PET bottles. ENVIROCLEAR® is easier to colour.

Advantages of Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® Compared to PVC

SOURCE REDUCTION - ENVIROCLEAR® has a significantly lower density than does PVC (0.9 versus 1.4), so significantly less material is used per part.

COST REDUCTION - By virtue or it’s lower density and lower price, ENVIROCLEAR® parts typically are less expensive.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE - ENVIROCLEAR® has broad chemical resistance to organic chemical ingredients in consumer products, Additionally, because ENVIROCLEAR® contains no plasticizers, problems that result from plasticizer migration or solubilization do not occur.

AESTHETICS - Injection stretch blow moulded bottles are superior in clarity and appearance.

Advantages of Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® to HDPE

AESTHETICS - Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® is clearer and glossier than HDPE. Extrusion blow moulded bottles and thin walled food containers have a see-through clarity

COST - ENVIROCLEAR® and HDPE have comparable economics. Part aesthetics can be upgraded without a large investment in retooling or material costs.

HOT FILLABILITY - ENVIROCLEAR® is hot fillable up to 212°F(100°C). HDPE is not.

ORGANOLEPTICS - Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® bottles have superior organoleptic properties compared to HDPE.

Advantages of Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® Compared to Styrenics

SOURCE REDUCTION - ENVIROCLEAR® has a lower density than PS (0.9 versus approximately 1.5 g/cc), so less material is used per part.

IMPACT STRENGTH - ENVIROCLEAR® has much better impact strength than PS. This translates into less breakage of parts during manufacturing, shipping and handling.

SUPERIOR MOISTURE BARRIER - ENVIROCLEAR® bottles offer a minimum of ten times the moisture protection of PS. Or oriented PS bottles.

LIVING HINGE - Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® forms a living hinge, allowing for innovated parts designs not possible with styrenics.

COST EFFICIENT - Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® offers far better economics that styrene copolymers (e.g.. SAN) and favourable economics compared to PS.

Advantages of Clarified ENVIROCLEAR® Compared to Glass

DURABILITY - Packaging made from clarified ENVIROCLEAR® offers superior product protection — significantly less breakage or damage during shipping, handling and use.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - ENVIROCLEAR® parts can be made from a variety of methods (blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming). Living hinge, capability and versatile physical properties allow great flexibility in part design.

ENVIRONMENTAL - ENVIROCLEAR® can be recycled in either dedicated facilities or as a component of the HDPE recycling stream. ENVIROCLEAR® can also be very cleanly incinerated (19.850 BTU/lb.). ENVIROCLEAR® bottles weight significantly less than glass bottles, thus energy is saved transporting product packaged in ENVIROCLEAR® bottles compared to glass bottles.

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