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The ENVIROTAINER® Combination Package is a flexible, molded, low density polyethylene container in a box.

The ENVIROTAINER® reputation is built on nearly a half century of solid performance in packaging a wide range of products from an array of industries.

  • ENVIROTAINER®, was built to withstand the hazards of chemical packaging.
  • ENVIROTAINER® meets applicable DOT, UN, and FDA specifications and requirements.
  • ENVIROTAINER® is well accepted in the food and drug industries.

Used throughout the world, ENVIROTAINER® Combination Package offers the manufacturer and end-user the timely advantage of Package Source Reduction. For convenience and cost efficiency, ENVIROTAINER® can use existing filling equipment. Container Corporation of Canada will provide technical assistance in the quick, easy changeover to ENVIROTAINER® assembly and filling.

The standard Insert is available in the industry's widest range of sizes. Custom ENVIROTAINER® inserts provide exceptional packaging versatility. Design possibilities include built-in handles, dispensing tubes, special color options, or a unique configuration to work in conjunction with your machinery or rack system.
1 Quart
1 Liter
1 Gallon
4 Liter
5 Quart
5 Liter
2 1/2 Gallon
10 Liter
3 Gallon
20 Liter
4 Gallon
5 Gallon
6 Gallon

The Container Corporation of Canada ENVIROTAINER® Insert is a blend of linear low and low density polyethylene manufactured in the form of a cube shaped liner, and designed for use with a corrugated fiberboard over pack. The natural color Insert is manufactured with a seam located along the diagonal periphery.

A reversible well molded in the top ace of the Insert to accommodate the fitment of either a 38mm or 63mm mechanically bonded screw cap opening. The opening is a threaded male injection molded, high density, polyethylene. The well design permits the opening to be raised or depressed for pouring and storage.

Dispensing options with ENVIROTAINER® meet the wide diversity of Customer applications. Three of the most popular dispensing features include:

  • W&D Quick Serve Tap
    With 38mm - 400 screw cap attachment. Fast, easy, and cost-effective dispensing.
  • Colder Quick Connect
    Offers fast, no-spill, container change-over with quick one-hand connection. 38mm-400 screw cap closure with Puncture Seal tip. Quick-coupling body comes in two sizes: 1/4" or 3/8" ID tubing fitting.
  • Tube Dispensing Kit
    Available with rubber or latex tubing with "pinch-off" clamp. A cost-efficient option for shelf dispensing systems.

ENVIROTAINER® meets current DOT specifications 2U/12P, and UN Marks in accordance with Docket No. HM- 181 (49 CFR). As major regulatory changes have or will alter the way in which industry marks product packaging, Container Corporation of Canada Sales and Technical Support Staff will provide prompt and thorough assistance.

To save in shipment and storage space, the empty ENVIROTAINER® is folded into a nested configuration. This style offers the Customer a space saving ratio of 8-to-1.

The ENVIROTAINER® Carton is corrugated fiberboard over pack designed for use in conjunction with the ENVIROTAINER® Insert. Features include:

  • Assembled ENVIROTAINER® weighs less than rigid containers of comparable volume. More of your product on shipments where weigh limitations exist
  • Achieve maximum palletizing efficiency and safety with the ENVIROTAINER® design
  • ENVIROTAINER® is an approved shipping container by united Parcel Service.
  • Technical Specifications for cartons are readily available to assist Customer direct Purchases.
  • ENVIROTAINER® design provides safe, easy, and convenient shelf dispensing features.
  • Advanced corrugated technology: Increased performance with a reduction in materials.
  • Corrugated: Recognized as one of the easiest to recycle packaging components.
  • Corrugated over pack provides decoration choices that go beyond silk screening or labeling.
  • ENVIROTAINER® four panel design offers twice the surface.

ENVIROTAINER® has been selected as the container of choice by leaders in industries as diverse as photo-chemicals, sanitary and reagent chemical products.

Unique shapes to fit custom rack designs, and advanced package cleanliness precautions are just two of the ways ENVIROTAINER® versatility fits the unique requirements of our Customers.

Advancements continue in Product R&D, as well as the Container Corporation of Canada Total Quality Initiative. The Initiative sets as our goal, 100% Customer satisfaction with Products and Services. Container Corporation of Canada welcomes the opportunity to discuss the initiative in greater detail with your Company Representative.

Meeting the environmental challenge for
Package Source Reduction

Is recycling the solution to the crisis of quickly diminishing landfill space? At present, the efficient collection and sortation of plastics waste are major investment needed to build up a viable recycling infrastructure will cost many millions of dollars. No surprise then, that the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries estimates that only 1% of all plastics were recovered and reused in the 1980's.

What of the potential afterlife of these recycled plastics? Many companies, food and health related, for example, are precluded from fully utilizing recycled materials for reasons related to product liability concerns. Products made of recycled materials also face questions of performance capability versus containers made of virgin material. As a leader and innovator in plastic packaging for over 45 years, Container Corporation of Canada is actively exploring the opportunities available to concerned manufacturers seeking product applications for recycled resin. While we mutually work towards the ongoing utilization of recycled materials, our planet's ever worsening predicament called for the thorough investigation of alternative packaging like the ENVIROTAINER® Combination Package which aggressively implements source reduction.

Your Container Corporation of Canada Representative is prepared to review your individual packaging needs, and demonstrate how the ENVIROTAINER® can provide solutions to the Source Reduction issues facing both your company and your customer in these environmental conscious times.

The Environmental Protection Agency states the concept of Source Reduction must stand at the forefront of industry efforts to deal with the growing waste disposal problem.

A prime example of industry's commitment to the concept comes from the Source Reduction Council of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (GONEG). The Council's Preferred Packaging Guidelines list the minimization of packaging as one of four major guidelines in the designing, production, and use the product packaging.

Container Corporation of Canada, a leader in the production of environment-friendly packaging, has a ready answer for decision makers whose mission will be to secure packaging that meets the environmental mandate of Package Source Reduction. The Container Corporation of Canada ENVIROTAINER® Combination Package is a durable, lightweight package offering an exciting opportunity to manufacturers concerned with the environment, as well as an important selling tool for the Customer sales force: Source Reduction means tangible saving for the end-user

The ENVIROTAINER® Insert, molded of low density polyethylene, delivers the highest refuse-to-space ratio among DOT/UN packages. The ENVIROTAINER® nesting feature allows insertion of eight 5 gallon Inserts into the same space where only one DOT 34 container can be placed. While 5 gallon 90 mil plastic pail generates nearly three pounds of waste material, an ENVIROTAINER® Insert of comparable volume slashes that figure by more than 80%! Waste reduction of this magnitude offers meaningful cost savings to end-users responsible for the disposal of your product packaging.

The rapid use of landfill space has meant increasingly higher costs for increasingly limited access. Research by the National Solid Wastes Management Association found that landfill "tip-fees" have increased almost 150% during the 1980's. An analysis of your company's fees will clearly demonstrate why producers and users of liquids and dry flowables, once packaged in rigid containers, are eagerly pursing the cost advantages of the flexible ENVIROTAINER® Insert.

During the same period landfill tip fees were on the rise, costs related to the incineration of waste materials were rising at the even higher rate of 209%.

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WAREHOUSE SPACE (In square feet, based on 10,100 units.)
Approximate pounds of plastic that goes to waste,
when not recycled:

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